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There are many work companies in the world today. The companies are small or even small empires. The employees or clients work for a specific and limited number of employers.

A company may have enough resources to hire a lot of employees or the flexibility to have a number of employees over a huge number of companies. Currently, a good percentage of the workers in the world are freelancers. As more and more companies are hiring or relying on freelancers, the crisis has resulted from fewer workforce seeking employment. It is now nearly impossible to find any new job in the market.

The most recent research on the labor market shows a drastic dip of the workers seeking jobs.

Problems Facing Freelancers

The labor market presents with many reasons why the rate of freelance employees has recorded a surprising drop of 20%. The first reason for the plunge is the economic crisis. The drop in the jobs market has resulted from the financial crisis in the world.

This crisis results in the decline of the consumers. It results in the decline of consumers in the market which results in low workers’ capacity in the market. Currently, there are many organizations in the world which have contributed to the fall of the consumers in the market. The decline in the consumers has resulted in the steady decline of the number of workers in the market. This forces the company to reduce the number of employees, consequently resulting in the drop in the supply of labor in the market.

One other way to see a job reduction is how much companies plan to keep their employees because by keeping their employees, they are able to offer a better training experience for the new employees. In addition, keeping the employees results in the availability of the labor for a variety of companies.

The third reason of the low morale of the workers in the market is the problem of organization. As firms are experiencing losses, the labor force is found to be reluctant to take the payroll. Due to the decline in the income, there is a more anxiety among the workers which results in the decrease in the motivation rate among the workforce.

A good percentage of freelancers are getting the most income from freelance work. While the percentage of full time employees is dropping, the wages among the full time employees are falling. This has resulted in the reduction of the productivity rate of the workers. The quality of the work between the two groups is deteriorating. The productivity of the workforce is diminishing because the workers are getting frustrated by the pressure on their organization. Additionally, the wage is causing the workers to be frustrated.


Freelancers have the advantage of the time, which comes with their job. This means that the employees are able to spend their time on the job. Employees have seen the decline in the number of workers in the world. The decline in the workers results in the workforce shortage. The low salaries and reduced wages of the workers have increased the number of freelancers in the market. In addition, a good percentage of the workers are getting dissatisfied with the wages and bonuses they are getting by the corporations. This increases the productivity rate of the workforce. Due to the decline in the number of workers, the labor force is becoming depressed. This means that they are being denied a good labor force. The decline in the workforce creates fewer jobs.

Future Problems Facing Freelancers

The hiring of only one person for a job is unsustainable. It will result in the workers getting frustrated, slow performance and the quality of work will be poor. The company will find this unhealthy for their business and will result in the quality of the goods and services being poor. Additionally, the company will experience a drop in the productivity of the workers. This will result in the production rate being below the target rate of production.

The firms with enough funds have enough knowledge of how to manage the labor force. For instance, some of the businesses hire a number of workers. This boosts the workers productivity because they are able to perform different tasks within the companies. Other companies are looking to reduce the number of their employees in order to improve the services they are offering. The ability to distribute the workload in a well organized manner contributes to the improvement of the productivity rate. Employees with little experience have less capability to perform the given tasks.

The fact that freelancers are more reserved and therefore do not have the ability to work in large numbers justifies their popularity. The productivity of the workers on smaller numbers cannot be sustained in a professional job.


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