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For someone who did not consider coding while he was growing up, I am a bit surprised that having spent just a month of programming immersed, I feel somewhat satisfied with my code. A lot of the other people writing code by now are way ahead of me, and I can tell from their gee-whiz stuff, which will make me wonder how am I going to get going.

There are many reasons why we should learn to code. It doesn’t have to be coding for professions such as marketing and sales. Unfortunately, we don’t have a whole lot of time to spend learning how to develop software. That said, programming at worst is at best trivial and at best is impossible, which is why why I find I should just spend the amount of time I have with my hands on something useful.

So why would you even consider learning to code? This depends on what job you want. I guess you can see why it’s not easy to get a job as a web developer, so you go down the plunge tank of coding for your career instead. Others just want to make a career out of writing code without feeling the need to encounter the graphic arts or experimental processes of materials science. We must each be in our own case. So here are some reasons as to why coding will benefit you in certain situations.

Write some code

It doesn’t have to be a completely complex or varied but writing some code helps. Whether it’s for talking, tasking or prototyping a product, you can use the time that you spend on writing your code to do something else, something with an easier flow. Otherwise you would find yourself getting back to the code writing a lot of time, which does not always seem worth it.

Solve a problem

There are times when you must find an answer to a real-world problem. It can take you a while to find the solution or you may not feel as determined in finding the answer as it should be. If you have all this work coming in your mind, it should give you a headache of sorts as your cognitive stress starts to increase. Writing some code is always a good coping mechanism and helps you to focus on the problem. Once you have come up with your solution, writing code to make it work is a much needed and needed relief.

Trade knowledge

We all need to set up some skills that you can apply to different situations in the future, and writing some code doesn’t do everything. You would be giving other people a little knowledge that you will not have been able to give them in this case. I feel as though sometimes we are too afraid to share things with others, mostly to avoid that. If you write a decent-quality program, then you are able to give people a sense of expertise, a feeling of security and well-being in a team when they talk about a certain subject.


Writing some code gives you more control, helps you to make choices and let you accurately predict the future. For instance, if you have a machine that is told that it needs to adapt to it’s environment, it would be just as best to not be told the future of that environment if you are making something out of it. If you write some code that gives that machine feedback on the way it has to behave, it would be a great feeling to be assured that in the future, it will adjust accordingly.

If you are aware of what your target is and what you need, make sure you write a few bits of code and give your target a little guidance to know how to speed up the process. Once your target has been provided to you, then you are now much smarter. If you are not sure of your target and what the output will be and perhaps you need to update your program to help with the problem, writing a few code samples will help you. When you have solved that you have the gain of knowledge to yourself that will come in handy in the future.

The fact is, no matter how good of a designer or how ambitious of a entrepreneur you are, coding is something that people can get use to. It gives you something you can do for other people, it gives you some control and it helps you to use your brain in ways you have never thought about before. It can be done in a different way. It’s really a very simple thing to be grateful for.

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