best skills for future jobs

best skills for future jobs

I have recently come across the skills that I did not pick up as I was learning. But, learning isn’t just for the future. And I do not consider myself as a future entrepreneur.

As I traveled my way in the future, it was quite amazing to see the skills and issues that I encountered. I felt like I’ve found my niche as I spent most of my time learning, which is an important role in the future. I came across this set of skill list that made me feel like I was an entrepreneur.

1. Future Entrepreneur (3-year future)

I would like to be entrepreneurial, that’s the keyword I’m looking for. I haven’t really considered myself as an entrepreneur, so I’m all about learning to be a powerful entrepreneur. Not just a business start-up, I like taking concepts that I already have in my heart, some of which may be very cool and generating them from the ideas. The question is always about the scale of the growth: your means or the goals that you want to achieve. There’s no set formula or conclusion to this idea — I wish I had.

2. Analytics Engineer (1 year future)

I think that analytics is not so much about getting information, but understanding it, and then constructing a model with it. That’s why the individual who likes to build complex models might be an awesome statistician. An interesting background to having some positive change, which is sometimes a decisive tool of an entrepreneur.

3. Lead Developer (1 year future)

The element that I really like is a unique approach to finding the unique perspective, and then running processes. It makes you an effective visionary leader.

4. Internet Product Manager (1 year future)

I might be not quite sure if I’ll be an internet product manager. I like being creative. Creating products and figuring out the needs. It’s an ideal task that anyone can do.

5. Info Gathering Analyst (2 years future)

Because the way to think about modern businesses, the way to know how to present all the processes to the stakeholders. Learn how to present all the data to the various stakeholders.

6. Career Specialists (1 year future)

I always considered myself to be someone who can teach the most in business. Some companies or industries could be better suited for that career. But, I will consider building a career of my choice.

So, I finally have an idea of how the future may be built, and I’m a bit optimistic about the future. On the other hand, this term is always exciting to learn new things, and I want to change my way of living. I’m looking forward to the long and demanding future. As I write this, I’m learning how to take the business world in different ways. It keeps me interesting, and I look forward to this essay and the possibility of the future job.

Also, there are so many people across the world who never follow a career path as I am looking. But that doesn’t mean that they never want to become entrepreneurs. It’s just that they don’t understand the necessary steps to become successful. There are many different learning methods available, and let’s learn to keep trying.

Originally published at on September 8, 2018.

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