best books for mpsc in marathi ?

When we discussed this year’s holiday reading favourites in a previous article, which was posthumously published earlier this year after the pandemic started, our readers seemed to feel we had neglected Marathi literature. And we were genuinely bowled over by that response!

The number of recommendations we received from your e-mail requests (number growing) is mind-boggling: 1500+! If there was anyone out there who didn’t know about this most underrated genre in Marathi (read our previous article on why we love Marathi storytelling) and didn’t enjoy a glimpse of a new era of Marathi literature, well, we hope we’ve put a smile on your face by sharing this list:

A Point of Reference? What About the OBE Award?

It has been announced that Pankaj and Nitin Mishra will receive the OBE (Order of Merit) for their “mar-jaalab”! On May 6, the Governor of Maharashtra announced that the two noted dramatists of Marathi literature will be conferred with the honour:

With a release date yet to be announced, we hope we will get to find out about how they received this award soon!


This novel by Ismail Abdulla, a short story writer known for his translations of stories by others, had bagged the Marathi prize this year. Though it has many literary adaptations in our daily lives through weekly

journalist’s columns and more, it’s still very rare to find a Marathi novel that tackles the “disease”.

The novel manages to be both menacing and uplifting in its narrative.

Here’s what it reads like:

A legacy in the making

Overcoming the fear and the guilt

Aching for a solution

‘The Tomb of the Shahada’

Pratap Singh Ghosh, the fictional reincarnation of the revered historic figure Modum Bombay, is in search of his ancestral bones to solve the mystery of his grandparents’ death in a shipwreck in the past. And despite being born with no skull or back, the newly born born man who is not long in having his stomach contents processed by his mother, a malignancy of pulmonary fibrosis and a pearly smile have left him well out of the frame of history’s narrative.

The novel can make you laugh. After this one, read from now on every story featuring the character of Pratap Singh Ghosh.

An Empty Frame

An attempt to unravel the tale of Rongmi Huthre, Shekhar Avichkar got his hands on Marathi literature at an early age. Having mentored children in various schools, he’s also the founder of a marathi literary group. It’s your responsibility to read the book in order to understand why the group calls itself an advocacy group, which represents Marathi literature.

A Life in Love

Ahmed Dappan is on a mission to instil in children the very essence of the Marathi language. His children are currently working on the Best Children’s Book in Marathi Award. The Mumbai-based author began with a biography of Marathi writer Dr Bhau Devraj, and says he’s been lucky to work with different writers across generations.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Dappan publishes his own epics. This supernatural world of wish fulfillment and metamorphosis — set in the 5th century B.C. (look below for an interactive pointer on this theme!) — helped him create this novel.

Read it and remain mesmerised!

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